JourneyOn Overview

JourneyOn is not a one-time campaign or program. It’s not just a Bible study or a small group curriculum, although it does include some of these components. Rather, JourneyOn is a complete set of tools and traits, maps and markers, all designed to help you move toward Christ-likeness.


As preschoolers begin their journey, together with their parents, they simply learn to move. Soon, moving takes them forward, and then forward faster. All along the way they discover new adventures, each one bringing with it a new understanding that comes with each year of life. Key foundations are introduced like God, Jesus, the Bible, creation, the family, and more.

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JourneyOn helps children explore God and the Bible in new and exciting ways that each of them can understand, no matter how old they are. With Bible stories, Scripture memory, and life application, children (much like preschoolers) explore eight key concepts each year. These include God, Jesus, the Bible, creation, the family, self, the church, community and world, and later the Holy Spirit and baptism.

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Each year, JourneyOn makes the most of life’s natural milestones by merging students’ questions and discussions into grade-specific topics. The goal is to provide solid answers to the tough questions students face each day. Beginning with grade 6, students explore issues like identity, relationships, character, purpose, servant leadership, and absolute truth. They wrap up grade 12 with the topic of influence.

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Home should be the center of godly influence in the life of a family. This influence takes 5 key paths, including creating conversations, making memories through shared experiences, instilling the truth of God’s Word, affirming the value of each family member, and blessing and empowering family members to give their lives away in order to make Christ known.

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As a part of JourneyOn, adults move forward on their journey to a Christ-like life in five ways: LIFE Groups, Focus Studies, self-guided resources, e-learning, and mentor relationships. Like the previous life stages, there are key milestones or foundations that are important to this journey, including the life of Christ, spiritual disciplines, biblical study, theological foundations, healthy relationships, missions and evangelism, and servant leadership.

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JourneyOn Network

By becoming a part of the JourneyOn Network, churches gain access to strategic resources and deep discounts on JourneyOn’s Foundations Curriculum.

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