The Journey Begins

Becoming like Christ isn’t an event. It’s a journey. For each believer, this journey begins at different times in life, in different places and at different paces.

JourneyOn is a discipleship and spiritual formation strategy designed to meet people wherever they are on this journey, to help make them disciples of Jesus, and to move them forward to a Christ-centered life.

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Are you considering taking advantage of the JourneyOn discipleship strategy at your church?  Implementing a comprehensive strategy across multiple age groups and multiple settings can be a challenge. Messaging, promotion, teaching, and planning all require many hours and dollars, both of which are often scare resources.

By becoming a part of the JourneyOn Network, churches gain digital access to designed tools and materials, dedicated phone consultation with ministry professionals, and deep discounts on JourneyOn’s Foundations Curriculum.

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Spiritual Practices, Encountering Christ in Scripture, and God’s Unfolding Story are Bible studies designed to bring intentionality to our daily walk with Christ as He makes us more like Him.

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